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Blackness – Realisation


The world tips,
my arms feel rigid,
something warm coats my lips,
the iron taste of blood.

My teeth grinding.
My jaw clenched.
My eyes rolling.
The electricity taking control.

The beat of a silent drum
Bang, bang, banging.
How can I be a mum?
Not on a day like this.

Blackness descended,
the seizures have won
this round has ended.


My jaw is clicking,
fatigue pushes me down,
my head spins
and my mouth is dry like a desert.

I lie in my bed.
A frown marring my face,
What happened?
Wasn’t I in a different place?

I sit up too fast,
queasiness kicks back in
down the end he watches me,
A sad smile of reassurance.

Now I know.
I’ve lost time.
I’ve lost memories.
I’ve had another seizure.

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