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The added inconvenience of a seizure.

The after effects of a seizure are different every time I have one, whether it be a big grand Mal or a sequence of Myoclonics.
Sometimes, I’m capable of carrying on, other times I need to stay home so I can rest if needed. But, more often then not, I can barely stand for a minute.

This morning I woke as usual for uni, but found my Myoclonic jerks playing havoc already. Straight back to bed for more sleep I went in the hopes this would help. Yer right! They were back with a vengeance when I re woke, causing me to drop things, fall into the door and punch myself in the eye. Ouch.

We debated what to do seen as we were up late, Richard ended up going in as he’d be there in time for his lecture. But the little gremlin was left at home with me. He was feeling 100% and it was that bit easier for Richard.

We were fine, playing, watched Peter Pan. Until I had a Grand Mal. I know I had it as when I came around I was on the floor, O was crying his little heart out. (It took a while to calm him down and want to come near me which broke my heart).
My Jaw was saw, my wrist was in agony, I must have banged it. Blood was mixed with dribble around my mouth and chin. It’s no wonder he had ran away from e and was scared. There was no daddy here this time to protect him from mamas seizures.

I felt awful in myself, tired and exhausted. But I felt even more awful for O having seen it all. I think he must have felt a bit better free speaking with daddy on the phone. He was told how good and brace he was. He was a little dear though and brought me a blanket as he looked at me with sad eyes.
Normally I would have done nothing but feel sorry for myself, I didn’t have that luxury this time though. Oscar needed me.
I had to carry on with my day, I may have by passed washing etc for watching TV and playing with my gremlin but I still had lunch to make for him and I’m changed to struggle through.

But that’s the life of a seizure mama.

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