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Did you know, even if you don’t have photo sensitive Epilepsy too much screen time could be a trigger?

I didn’t either for quite some time.

Now that I do, I try my best to have as little as possible, which is hard, because I’m rather attached to my phone 📱🙈.
On days off, if I’m not out I will limit myself to screen time. I’ll only watch 2 or 3 episodes Max, depending on length. I’ll only check my phone not stay on it. And I’ll replace other screens.

What do I mean replace other screens?
Well, I love to write, and a big part of my course is creative writing (hence the course title English and creative writing 😉), but instead of using a laptop or IPad to do this, I’ll do my first draft in a notebook 📓 or even on my gorgeous (not at all biased) turquoise type writer.

Another way I avoid screen is by reading. I love to read, I always have. I enjoy escaping reality and imagining the impossible worlds in books. Recently I discovered reading is also a good way to relax and practice my memory training. Especially on a bad day, when the same line could be read over and over again.
I try my best to read every day, even if it’s just a chapter from my current book, a short fairy tale or even to Oscar.

For a joint Valentines and mothers day gift this year, I got a kindle too which is perfect. It means I can read up stairs in bed with the lights off (built in light screen), and it doesn’t have all the nasty hidden blue lights most electronic items have (such as phones and IPads) so it’s what I call a ‘good screen’.

The kindle is also much lighter than a book 📚 (obviously), and I can’t drop it and loose my page in a bad day.
I do still prefer to have a physical book, but this little gadget is a blessing in disguise for me.

The last one, Televisions. Now this is a tricky one, the screens themselves are actually ‘good screens’ too but it depends on the programme. I love Marvel, Grimm, NCIS etc, etc, but unfortunately a lot of programs and films have flashing lights in them these days. Again, even if your NOT photosensitive too many flashing lights, in a small proximity with dark surroundings can still effect you. I tend to get a migraine and start to feel drunk. (Cheap night out though 😂).

So just remember, there are other things to do that don’t involve screens. 📺
One of the reason I can’t wait for Summer, and nicer weather. I’ll be spending much more time outside, even if it’s just in the garden with my Gremlin, or the park.

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