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Mischievous O and E

Today’s one of those days where both the Gremlin and the seizures are being mischievous.

O tries his best to annoy everyone by doing the exact opposite of what he’s told.
‘Oscar don’t throw your food’ (his wooden stuff) – so he looks up at you innocently from beneath his lashes before giving you the devils cheeky smile and lobbing the whole crate of the stuff across the room!!

‘Oscar don’t you dare!’ Daddy exclaims as he holds his dummy behind the sofa cushions – his latest hiding place. Again there is that mischievous grin before he releases it. Straight after he points to it and cries, as if it was an accident.

This is going to be a long day !!

The seizures are the same, no sign of them at all until I try and do something. Read, write, play with Oscar and all of a sudden the Myoclonic Jerks decide they want to rear their ugly heads. I mean, why can’t they just make up their minds, either be there or go away for today at least.

We aren’t doing anything today, it’s a lazy Sunday, with awful weather, but I think that’s making it worse. It’s agitating Oscar as he gets bored and he then agitates us, the stress from him and the seizures in the first place cause more seizures, which causes Richard to get stressed and get annoyed with Oscar easier. He then plays up in retaliation.
One vicious circle going on today 😱.

On the bright side, our Harry Potter tickets have arrived (at my nans house 😍), we have booked our Grease tickets and our summer is looking fuller and fuller by the day. Just hope O and the E behave for all our plans.

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