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Dizzy? Vertigo? Sugar levels?

Yesterday evening, out of the blue, I suddenly came over really dizzy and lightheaded, kind of like a head rush sort of feeling. My head felt heavy and I seemed to have a lack of control, and my eyes refused to stay focused (even with my glasses on). I can’t of been dehydrated because I drink plenty of water (well, at least I think I do), it most definitely wasn’t an aura (pre seizure feeling), firstly I’m in the unlucky category and don’t get them, secondly my Myoclonic jerks were already dancing and had been most the day.

I stayed sat down, I tried sitting back and sitting up right. No change. I tried standing to see if it wore off, wasn’t a good idea. By the time it came to 7:30 pm this dizziness had been present for a good 2 hours. So when the Gremlin was taken up to bed, I decided that seemed like the best solution.
Sleep it off.

I even asked an Epilepsy community on Facebook, Vertigo seizures, low sugar levels, an aura? These were all there suggestions, so it is now on my never ending list of questions for my Neurologist next month.

Let’s just say, it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped it would. I was surprised at how well I slept, but come the morning I was still feeling dizzy and off balance. Being the stubborn cow I am, I was adamant I was going into university today.

My dizziness was quickly joined by Myoclonics yet again and they ended up continuing for the rest of the day. I nearly dropped my food in the cafe a couple of times whilst carrying it to my seat, and I know I had a hard time talking, constantly forgetting what I was saying or the topic was about and having mouth twitches, making me loose what I was saying. I managed to last the day, as much as it frustrated me and I didn’t really feel up to it.

Back home, wrapped up in two jumpers and a book, I’m sat begging Richard to make me a lovely cup of tea and get a takeaway for dinner.
On the plus side my new books and book marks came in the post today and my awesome apple shaped sticky notes, ready for some memory training.

Isn’t life fun.

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