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Spa day

So for Christmas, me and my friend, Elly ( ) were given a joint present from our partners, a spa day!!

We were both a bit shocked, neither of us having been to a spa before or even mentioned wanting to go to one, but we booked our date anyway.
I was the one left to book it, probably due to less availability then Elly, so I finally managed to get the date, 1st of March.
I was told in advance that I would have to talk to one of the beauticians in regards to my Epilepsy, but thought nothing more of it.

Anyway, the day eventually loomed above us so we packed up our swim and gym stuff and headed into Cardiff on the train. Once there we caught the taxi straight to the Bannatyne health spa, well, we weren’t overly impressed to start with, it seemed a bit of a shambles and was stuck in the middle of an industrial site.
No country man out house like we envisioned.


We signed our forms and brought our spa bags, kind of reluctantly after seeing they were £25 with no refund 😱. Turned out they only cost us £5 and were extremely useful. We literally spent the whole time in our robes and slippers (we even got to keep the slippers 😍).

No word of a lie, we spent the whole hour leading up to our treatment in the Jacuzzi. It was so warm and so blissfully relaxing. We chatted about random stuff the whole time. 12.30 quickly crept up on us and we went into our separate rooms, I was told straight away, due to my Epilepsy I wasn’t allowed the massage offered in the package.

My options were limited to a facial, manicure or pedicure – nothing all that exciting really when I was hoping for a new, relaxing experience. I went for manicure expecting the full works and perhaps even gels. Nope I got a quick slick of bottom, varnish and top coat and I was sent on my merry way. 😔. I was rather disappointed if I’m honest, especially when Elly came out from her back, shoulder and neck massage.


This prompted me to look up the reasons an Epileptic (yes I use that word, get over it. No, it is not offensive) isn’t allowed a massage. What I found was, there is no reason someone with Epilepsy should be excluded from beauty activities such as massages, as long as the situation is explained to the massues. Well, as you can imagine, this ticked me right off and I was straight up to the office desk.

“Oh I’m sorry we can only follow what head office tells us on the systems from when you booked. I can give you their number if you’d like?”

Yes please. There will be a bit of complaining going on, had I been given a treatment of equal worth I would have shrugged it off and just not returned. But a full back, shoulder and neck massage was replaced by a quick slick of nail paint! Tell me how exactly that is squeal value.
It seems to me Bannatyne health and Beauty spa has a slight disability discrimination going on and they will be hearing about it.

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