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4 reasons I love good days.

Not a very long post today just a bit of a pick me up one.
2 days seizure free – this is massive for me!

So, because it has been a good day I thought why not emphasis the fact with the importance of staying normal.
I love having good days for multiple reasons

1. NO SEIZURES – An obvious one I know, but the best reason to have a good day along with the energy I feel, it’s so rejuvenating and refreshing.
2. HOBBIES – Being able to do the things I love the most is a big part of what keeps me grounded and sane. I can read without worrying about loosing my page or forgetting what I’ve read. I can go out places and explore, taking photos with my camera, without fearing I will break it.
3. FOOD – Not only can I make a decent dinner instead of something quick from the freezer, but I’m no where near as hungry either. On seizure days, I’m constantly hungry but can’t get the food I want 😂. The pain.
4. FAMILY – I can actually play with my son, safely, on days like this and Richard doesn’t need to feel like a carer. He can just be, my fiancé.

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