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Games night

Last night we had some friends over for a board game night (sound like an old couple rather than in our 20’s 😂), there ended up being 6 of us – Me and my man child Richard, Elly and her partner Jon and Sophie and her wife Kim.

It was actually a really fun night, with a couple of tubs of Pringles, some cans of coke and a game of trivial pursuit. We chatted about random things and laughed, oh and the boys watched the boxing 😒, which to be fair, was the reason we had a game night in the first place.

Come 10:30 Sophie and Kim headed for home, they had quite a drive ahead of them to be fair, but Jon and Elly were staying the night (again due to the boxing). I was the first to cave and go to bed, but even that wasn’t until 2:30 AM, I dread to think what time the others finally got some sleep.

By 9AM (which is quite late on Oscar clock) I was finally woken by a bouncing chattering baby, seizure free 😱. I thought to myself if I can be seizure free the next day, I can put up with not going to bed until the early hours of the next day!

Well, I’ve played with Oscar, I’ve typed up my first draft chapter and posted it on my wattpad account and written my Book loving mama blog post. It’s been a super productive day, for a lazy day Sunday, BUT of course, nothing good ever last, especially when it comes to me and seizures.

Now that 7:30 has hit, I think the tiredness has truly crept it’s way into my bones and the Myoclonics have decided to come out and play. Guess I won’t be so lucky after all.

Time for food, relaxing and a bit television I think.

One thought on “Games night

  1. Was such a good night! That’s a shame about your seizures, hopefully they won’t play up anymore for you tomorrow 🤞🏼


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