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To see or not to see?

I went to book an opticians appointment today, one for me and one for my son. Naturally, thanks to NHS, Oscar is free, mine however no longer is!

I have always had free tests due to my ESA (employment support allowance) or being under 18, however I am now 21 and no longer on ESA due to student finance.

‘Ok, so what else entitles me to a free sight check?’ I asked. It only costs £27, which ultimately isn’t that much, but I am a student aswell as a mum don’t forget.

The list wasn’t very long and didn’t contain anything helpful,

– Yes I am a full time student, but I am over 18 so I don’t count. (Because that makes a lot of sense. You can’t even go to University until your 18, so how do students get sight checks??)

– Yes I am disabled, I even get PIP (Personal Independent Payments, for those who cannot work or cannot work full time due to a disability). But that isn’t an option.

– No, I no longer get ESA, because I am a full time student receiving student finance.

– No, I do not have diabetes. They can receive tests for free due to diabetes possibly affecting eyesight.

I do have Epilepsy though, but yet again us Epileptics are ignored.

Dear NHS,

I appreciate everything you do for us and make free. I use you every day just by taking my (FREE) medication, but did you know, every time I have a seizure my eyes roll back in my head. That’s right, sometimes so far you can no longer see anything but blood vesseled whiteness? Did you know, I get severe migraines due to my medication and the way my brain works, again because of Epilepsy? No? Ok, well did you know, every time I have a seizure, I get this slight blindness for a few moments? Or that my eye sight deteriorates with every seizure? Just in case you didn’t know, I have some form of seizure every day! Did you know, I never used to wear glasses? Or that, when I did, I only needed them for distance? Or even, that now I need them every day!

No? Well, now you do.

Like I said, I truly do appreciate the NHS, but sometimes, it really doesn’t see things clearly. I guess I had better go and find a spare £27 so I don’t gradually go blind without warning or something.

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