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Honest Mama – Dragons Den, Aberdare

I’ve decided I’m going to review the places I visit with Oscar. This is an older one now, but I will be posting my reviews for both ‘Techniquest’ and ‘Go Air’ in Cardiff soon.

Today’s review is on Dragons Den soft play, in Aberdare.

Dragons Den Lets start with the general location, it is a little bit out in the sticks, located at 29-30, Aberaman Park Industrial Estate. So, if you don’t drive, like me, you will have to rely on friends that do, or even public transport. Due to the type of building it is in, it was quite cold (bare in mind I went back in January), the boys were warm enough running around in long sleeved tops, but us mama’s were a bit chilly until we had, had a couple of cuppas.

We tried the food too, there was plenty of choice and even decent prices. ‘Bonus!’ we thought. But, you got what you paid for. None of us finished our meals, not even my gremlin who will eat anything! Safe to say,we were disappointed by the standard of the food. The staff varied, the two girls at the entrance were smiley and chatty whilst we signed our boys in and paid. the staff at the food counter, however, were nothing more than mediocre, with flat voices and bored stiff expressions. not really what you expect at a busy, children’s play area. Price. It was the standard price for the area, from what I’ve seen so far, at £3.95 per child, but in this case it limited you to a two hour session. Admittedly, we never stay longer than two hours anyway, but it would have been nice to be able to, had we wanted to.

The play centre itself was very spacious and open plan, meaning wherever we sat, we could see the gremlins. The whole area was carpeted, so was nice and soft, and warm on shoeless little feeties. In regards to the play sections, it consisted of seven different ones – that’s right. Seven! – two for toddlers and older children,a babies play area, a big ball pit, rid on cars section (although that could have done with being bigger), an enclosed football area and,the best part, a disco floor. There wasn’t much distinction between the toddler, and older sections, so they were both over run with wild, boisterous children, not to mention the stairs in both areas weren’t the best thought out. the gap between each step, was much too big for my two year old and his friend to climb on their own, meaning us mama’s had to constantly be in those two areas with them. When we were in there with them though, they really enjoyed themselves, and there was plenty to do with different paths and various slides to choose from.

Would I go again? Yes. But, in my opinion it is much better suited to older or more confident children, so maybe not until O is older.

Overall, I would rate it a 6/10.

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