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Sunny days!

This weekend has been such lovely weather, we couldn’t help but make the most of it.

O loves being outside, come rain or shine, he wants to be running rampant. So, it made sense to spend our days in the sun. He finally got to test out all his new garden toys he had for his birthday – trampoline, play house, sand/water pit, diggers, basketball hoop, and we even encorproated playmobil into all the fun.

Albeit, out grass definitely needs a cut 😂, but it was still fun packed and laughter filled. Plus it didn’t cost us a penny all weekend. Bonus! And to top it all off – my seizures behaved ALL weekend, during the days anyway.

Playmobil is so good to play with in the water, O sure did make the most of it. Saturday he played in the water for so long and refused to get out even when he started shivering uncontrollably. I ended up dragging him out and wrapping him in a towel with cuddles whilst Daddy discretely disposed of the water. 🙈

Being students, we are pretty broke by the end of the term so Mothering Sunday was spent in the garden again, playing jungles with the playmobil animals and basketball. We had a great day and spent it all together, even if we didn’t manage to go out like most people did.

The best part? We got some amazing photos to treasure the memories forever.

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