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Sunny days

The past few days have been absolutely beautiful weather. I love the summer, it’s so much easier to keep the Gremlin occupied. O is a complete outdoors boy so to have had constant access to the garden has been a delight for him and a release for Rich and Me. 

We have been to the beach, to the park and spent every their moment of the day in the garden. Whether it’s been ours or friends. 

It has been so much fun, but the breeze has been deceptive. It doesn’t make it quite as hot, and obviously we are only in Wales not Spain, so I will be that bad mama, and admit, I forgot about suncream the first 3 days! 😱. Now, I’ve pinked a bit (embarrassingly considering I never used to burn!), but luckily O hasn’t burnt, only tanned. And he’s the ginger one naturally 😂. 

Today, we are in our own garden, the pool full again (we have decided to invest in a bigger one), lathered in factor 30. This mama business is hard sometimes. 

On the up side, we are finally getting some use out of our stunning scandi summer clothes. Today we are sporting our funky pair of Yellow Krutter dungarees and our swim tactic Smafolk wetsuit. 😍 it’s officially love. 

Moral of the story – Always put suncream on no matter how breezy it is in the sun. And, always wear awesome clothes to brighten up an already sunny day even more. 

P.S. we are hoping to explore plenty of places this summer so we will be sure to post about each and every one of them – even the fair in Ponty next week 😊. 

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