Mama bears story · Oscar

Food Operation

Today we went to Pontypridd fair, but more abut that next week (we didn’t stay long). Before heading to the fair, we stopped at Greggs for a bite to eat. We got O a pack of crisps and a drink, Richard and I both had a sausage roll – naturally O wanted what we had. He has reached the stage in his development where he copies everything he can.

Now, I was more than happy to give him some of mine, but he is, always has been and forever will be, a daddy’s boy. Which, again, is fine except Richard doesn’t exactly eat his sausage rolls like a normal person. He has a special ‘operation’ he performs on them which entails, carefully, removing the sausage from the pastry, whilst keeping the flaking, crumbling pastry whole. Once completed, he eats the pastry and throws the sausage away, (did I mention R is a really fussy eater!)

I tried to get O to eat some of mine, the whole deal, but he was much more interested in daddy’s special way. Looks like I have another pastry fan on my hands. O even eats folded (plain) bread like his daddy, as if it’s normal to have an empty sandwich.

Much later, after the fair, which was short lived due to a scary ride ๐Ÿ˜’, we went for lunch at Weatherspoons. Fuss pot daddy was having his usual lasagne and chips, O ended up with chicken nuggets, chips and peas (my child has an unhealthy obsession with peas), and I went for the State dog (hot dog with bacon, mustard, burger sauce and fried onions). The one time, I’m glad O is a daddy’s boy, he decides he wants my hot dog so I end up loosing half of it to him, seen as he wasn’t eating his own food. Not even the peas!!

But, how silly and gullible is mama? Once he had finished MY food, he decided his chicken nuggets looked pretty good after all, with one exception. Daddy’s special food operation!!  No lie, that child sat there and picked every last bit of batter off of his chicken nuggets.

They became chicken chunks! At least he ate the chicken not the batter, but damn his daddy and his operations.

Guess I have the new enjoyment of trying to get O to eat the whole flipping thing and not picking at it. ๐Ÿ˜’

This is just the beginning of those awful terrible twos you hear so much about ๐Ÿ˜ญ. Wish me luck!! I’m going to need it.

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