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Busy Times

The past few days have been a whirlwind of a hectic mess, but, despite that I haven’t stopped smiling as O is picking up new things constantly and growing so much in himself.
Tuesday we had friends over, A and her son E – originally we were meant to go to Cardiff castle and then a picnic but, you guessed it, the Myoclonics decided to pay a prolonged visit. Lucky me.
It was fine though, they came over ours for the day instead and Richard made us cups of tea all day (even better).
Today’s main ‘I’m a big boy now mama’ moment was at breakfast time – look at this Gremlin eating his apple whole. He managed half, right down to the core. So impressed 😱


Wednesday O and I were meant to go out with our other friends, C and K – had to cancel that one completely due to a surprise drop in from my break dancing skills. You starting to see the way my life tends to go yet?? Never the way it’s planned or supposed to. 😒
I woke up Wednesday morning to everyone downstairs, my jaw locked tight and EVERYTHING aching like I had just been thrown off a plane. Not to mention the lack of sheets on the bed and a change of clothes I was magically in 🙈😷. Occupational hazard for R when it comes to my seizures unfortunately. I can’t say I noticed much that day, all I wanted was sleep and my aches and pains to go away. Most of the day was spent playing with cars and watching television, which O now sits and watches properly. No TV in the background anymore, but sitting and watching an episode. That night he was determined to walk up the stairs all by himself too.


He kicked off Thursday by walking down the stairs in the morning all on his own!! He is such a big boy now. (This gave me the perfect opportunity to use his new toddler milestone cards).

Thursday morning O and I went to Pontypridd fair again with A and E. we weren’t there long, they are happy to only go on a few rides and once rather than all of them numerous times. 😜 thank goodness. Mind, I think that was because we took the Gremlins onto the waltzers they weren’t fans once it got spinning.
But, for the first time ever my bear cub held my hand really nicely whilst we were out and about. Once we got home, he added to the cuteness and danced and sang most the evening. 😍


Finally, today, we went to and Easter egg fair and hunt with our new friends A and E in Llantwit Fadre, which, quite honestly was a waste of time and effort getting up this morning for. There was a small bouncy castle slide, one stall selling bows and a small ball pit. The music was so loud we had to shout to one another to be heard.
O didn’t even really attempt to go off and play, he was content sitting on my lap eating his ‘egg’ (That’s right mama’s he said another word!!)
The best part was probably his olive obsession in Pizza Hut with Daddy afterwards for lunch.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter. Xx

One thought on “Busy Times

  1. Very. Busy time by the sounds of it. Glad you are enjoying yourselves. Looking forward to seeing you soon.😘😘😘


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