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Vintage Fair

I am so glad I went to Lou Lou’s vintage fair in Cardiff City Hall. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages and I have now been twice. It was definitely worth the wait. At only £2 per person entry, it was a Vintage/Pin Up lovers heaven.  With over 40 stalls full of clothes, accessories, jewellery and home ware. An amazing pop up, Pin up salon. A tea shop selling sublime homemade cakes and much needed tea, served in delicate china cups and ‘Vintage cup & cakes’ a super little company for afternoon tea with vintage china.

My first experience

It was an early start that morning, due to it being on a Sunday the busses were quite poor. We caught the 8:45 bus and were in Cardiff by 9:30. (O’s face was because I told him he couldn’t take his shoes off). After a speed walk to Gregg’s for breakfast we made our way to City Hall. It is such a beautiful place, full of intricate architecture.

Dead on 10, the gates were opened and we were allowed in. £4 later (mine and R’s admission fees), I was walking around debating what to buy. There was no end of choice. The first stall I stopped to look at was full of hand made notebooks, all made and up-cycled from old, original comic books and more. They were absolutely stunning! How could I resist?


Most stalls had second hand items ranging from Jewellery to clothes, but there were those few who had brand new items, made in the style and prints expected from those of the eras (50’s to 80’s).


I knew that if they are there when I go back next time, I will be snapping up a few of those place mats. Alice in Wonderland, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, Comic books. They were so mesmerisingly beautiful.
I had just finished looking around when it came to 11 AM, time for my hair appointment with ‘Pop up parlour’. The lady was lovely, friendly and chatty. She gave me a book to flick through to help choose the style I wanted, eventually I settled on Victory curls. I had always wanted my hair styled like this so it was interesting to see how it worked. The first stage was some serious backcombing and loads of hairspray.  The end result was immense, however, the after effect was rather bushy. It was so worth the bed head afterwards though.

At the end of my first visit, I was in love with this fair. I ended up buying a lovely notebook (Captain America, of course), a beautiful blue choker, an Alice in Wonderland print dress and my favourite purchase, my typewriter. I have wanted a real, working typewriter since i was small. One wish ticked off the list. 😀

I am so glad I attended this event and knew, without a doubt, I would be returning to others through out the year. “19th March, be prepared because I will see you there.” I had said – well, I was right.

Second experience

Unfortunately, I didn’t plan this very well and ended up going to this fair broke, with new friends however. I belong to an amazing retro mummies group on Facebook, where I met 3 like minded mamas from the local area. It was lovely to attend with others who appreciated the beauty and wonder in these antiques and retro styles.

I did end up buying two new necklaces and a pretty awesome hat 🎩. I just couldn’t resist, I’ve always been a hat girl.

Personally I think it suits me the best.

I highly recommend these events to anyone interested in these styles. My eyes are peeled for the next one hosted in Cardiff where I WILL have money to spend this time. I may even attempt a hairstyle myself, from my new book.

Thanks for reading lovelies.
Bye for now.

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