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The Magicians’ Guild

The first book in a trilogy, followed by a conjoining trilogy. A story of magic, social class, romance and finding yourself, written in the appropriate 3rd person narrative allowing us to delve into the sights of various characters.
It is full of influential characters, that are strong, and well developed. I can only comment on the story so far, as I have only read the first book. It is an interesting story, full of twists and turns and unexpected developments. The end leaves you wanting more and needing to know where Sonea and her training go from here.
There are enough characters to create suspense, intrigue, relationships and questions but they are not all over used where you are left wondering who is actually important and who is just there for backstory, development and story lines.


The majority (2 thirds) of book one is all set in the citadels slums and dwells, so if you like fast paced, action packed books I wouldn’t say this was for you. There was a lot of moving around from one hideout to another, doing the same things with different people. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the book and want to read the other two (despite having seen a spoiler 😢), but I much would have preferred a bit more time in the guild, following Sonea learn to use her magic or learning about the Magicians and even following Cery and his time with the thieves. We learn a lot about ‘dwell’ and ‘theif’ life and Sonea and Cery due to the prolonged discovery of a young girl (against a guild of Magicians I might add) which all seems to be important, and creates good story and a clear romance possibility.
The book is written very well and is full of description allowing those imaginative bibliophiles to envisage the world in which we were following. Sonea is relatable, she is stubborn yet scared. Mouthy, yet shy. Confused, but willing.
All in all I would rate the first in this series a 4/5.


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