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Toddler Besties


Making memories is the best thing about children, being able to go to lots of places and having fun. Laughing, causing mischief, living life to the fullest! That’s why I take so many photos wherever we go.

‘Why don’t you just watch you child having fun instead of taking photos?’ A simple enough question, had the lady not had a malicious undertone in her voice.

‘Well, I do both. I love seeing my son enjoy himself and discover new things. But I’d also like to be able to document them so we can look back at his big cheeky smile whilst cuddling a guinea pig. Let’s face it, no one remembers EVERYTHING!’


One of my favourite things to document, O’s friendships. Both with K, who he has known for a year now, and with E who is new on the scene.

It is because of these photos that I can look back and smile at how far my Gremlin has come. He has grown significantly as a child and as a friend. O and K are both 2 and starting to develop this amazing bond, they follow each other everywhere. If they one is having a breather, the other constantly comes back to check on them. They not only play with each other now, but they are at a point where they share marvellously (they randomly decided to swap dummies of their own accord the other day).


They already look after each other on the play ground, K being the more confident, tends to keep a close eye on O. Should he need it, he is there to help him up and show him the way. Another great example, is their reaction to each other. We went down to their house recently, but K was asleep when we got there. No problem, O played on his own until his little Gremlin buddy woke up. Now, normally, K would have a grumpy ‘just woken up’ cry and hug with his mam, but not today! Today he had his ginger haired, partner in crime greeting him. Not a single tear or whine was released. He just got up and went to play with O. 😍


O’s other friend has only been on the scene for a few months so far. Although,m the bond isn’t as strong, it is definitely forming. They will soon be moving down the road, meaning both boys will be in the same school and class as O. E gets on well with O, that much is obvious, E is even helping with his development. But, the play dates continue and before we know it, the three of them will be ganging up on us mama’s. O’s relationship will never be the same with E as it is with K, but no two friendships ever are. My friendship with C (K’s mam) is completely different to that I have with A (E’s mummy), but that doesn’t matter and doesn’t make either one less important to me.

It will be lessons like that, I hope O takes into his friendships as he grows up. So, to those who said ‘children can’t have friends until they are at least 4’ – boo to you, of course they can as long as they find that right connection. I know for a fact that the O is friends with the other two boys, he looks forward to seeing them every week and they already have special bonds.


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