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Popping in to say hello

Today was the deadline for my final essay, in my first year of university. It was a script and a synopsis (10 pages roughly in length). I decided not to do this before the Easter holidays due to other assignments I had due in, but, then came Easter. 

It was a holiday, 3 weeks off for me and Richard and 3 weeks off for the Gremlin. Trying to get work done with him around is a bit like trying with the cat in the same room. Hopeless. They just sit on you, or the laptop, or constantly want something (only when your busy though of course). Now O is starting to say more and more, there is no pretending to ignore him 🙈, he will shout to get his point across, either that or roar in your face (thanks for that E, yes, I blame you Alex 😂). 

So, no script was done during Easter, only a very boring, pointless waste of time essay about ‘thinking with texts’. I do not lie when I say, NO ONE know what it is meant to actually be about. Still, a year after it started. 

I kept putting it off, over and over and over again, a bit like my healthy eating plan. Well, last week the daughnting fact it was due in soon loomed over me, it was time to get thinking. Of a plot at least. (Not to mention I cracked down on my diet and exercise. The Creche hill still killed me this morning though). 

It took me the whole week, working for an hour after the Gremlin had gone to bed, to finally come up with a full plot outline and characters. It also took me a whole evening to sit at my pad of paper and get no where with starting the script. 

Today finally arrived, my deadline date. The stress was insurmountable as I carted O off to his first day back in Creche, which he didn’t appreciate to start with. I was finally allowed peace to write my script.  Richard sat opposite me in the library doing his essay (also due today), I put in my headphones, set my music high to tune out the chatter and prayed the writing would flow. 

By lunch time, I had finished. I was so shocked and excited. 

Now, it all sounded quite easy didn’t it? However, I wasn’t the only one writing my work today. No a little nuisance, called Myo, decided to pop in and say hello. Today, of all days. 

I had been seizure free for a whole week!! Today, it decided to return. It delayed us leaving this morning as I repeatedly punched myself whilst trying to get ready 😒. It also quite enjoyed the game ‘ let’s press the wrong key’. 

It serves me right I suppose, for not having done my essay sooner, on those days that were good. 

Anyway, brights sides are, I got it in on time, I’m done until September and my new book came (A court of wings and ruin). 

All in all a good day, now if only my Gremlin will stop chatting and giggling to himself and actually go to sleep! 😕 

Come back tomorrow to check out my review of ‘Go air’ trampoline park in Cardiff. 

Have a good night/day my lovelies. 


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