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Honest Mama – Go Air

Go Air
Ty-Glas Avenue,
CF14 5DX

£10 for adults.
£5 for toddlers (adult goes on with them for free).
£2 for the required special socks (each).

**please note, I can only review from my experiences. Both of which, have been with a toddler and during school time**

This is our second time to Go Air with our friends E and Alex. Yet again, we came during school time as, like most places, it is much quieter in term time.


The boys both love it there and run around having lots of fun. Both Alex and myself are on with them at all times, and enjoy the bouncing and playing with our sons.
For your money, it is a good little morning/afternoon out with the kids.
There are a row of little lockers for your belongings, just remember that. Vital pound coin so you can lock them, or a trolley coin would work 😉.

Before you are allowed on you must attend a safety session, which is a 5 minute (max) video with the rules and safety regulations. Such things as, do not bounce on the same trampoline, wear the special sock provided and do not attempt tricks past your skill level. All the usual, expected covering of their own backsides.

With rule 1 in mind, you have to remember you are in a sectioned off area specifically for toddler and children under 6. You will get them running over your trampoline, they will bounce with you and most importantly, they will get in your way! They are kids, it’s what they’re best at.

Now, when I say sectioned off, I mean a net pulled across between the toddler section and the adult section. Not only is this easily moved so the Gremlins can run off onto all the empty space they can see, but it isn’t particularly safe either. My son uses this flimsy, easily moved net as balance – to him it is something next to him he can grab hold of when wobbling – to me, it is an accident waiting to happen as he gets his arm stuck in it, or tangled up or even trips over the excess net just lying on the floor. My final nuance against  this net was made today, because a school uses this for lessons (awesome P.E lesson). Obviously it is going to be used by others, but there is no gap between the toddler section and the adults, besides the yellow divider pictured. Toddlers and younger children do not understand, not to get too close to others and this point was proved today when the school came.

There was no one else using the adult section so there was plenty of space, yet the teacher (worker at GO Air), decided to let boisterous, daring teenagers use the trampolines directly behind the netting. They were doing flips, fighting and all sorts whilst there and easily could have smacked one of the children in the face, due to lack of concern on their part and lack of organising on Go Airs part. Luckily, despite the children’s avid fascination (close to the net), no one got hurt.

That net is NOT safe!!


This needs sorting out. ASAP.

However, on the plus side, not only are there trampolines, but there are also some soft foot balls and hula hoops to play with. Plus, the soft foam square pit. Basically, a ball pit, but full of squidgy squares of foam. They are so soft, you sink in them. This bit is definitely, by far, O’s favourite part of it all.

All in all, I think it’s a fun little place to blow off some of that over active toddler energy.
Just remember your socks the next time you go or you will be forking out again for new pairs.

Rated – 4/5

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