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Family trip to Bristol

Firstly, sorry it’s been so long since my last post.

Friday, just gone, we decided to head to Bristol for a day trip to the zoo. Until Richard is driving we rely on public transport, to get to Bristol zoo we were required to catch the 50 minute bus to Cardiff, followed by a 40 minute train ride to Bristol, before finally catching a 23 minute bus to the zoo. As you can see, it took some time to get there. We left at 7:35 AM and arrived at 11:30 AM.


Once there, Oscar was finally allowed to run rampant and admire the many animals on show. It was a hot day, so a lot were sleeping in the shade and trying their best to stay cool, like us really. Even though he enjoyed roaring at the lions, they didn’t return his enthusiasm.

We wondered through the beautiful butterfly 🦋 gardens in awe of their colours and size (O found the drain the most interesting thing in there however). Richard was in love with the Gorillas 🦍, watching them interact and communicate, whilst O was entranced by the underwater lives of the fantastic fish 🐟. But the best part of the day was watching Oscar at the seal enclosure.

We arrived at the perfect time, the five seals at Bristol zoo were being fed their lunch. They were performing little tricks every now and again for their fish, such as spinning around or lying down, which encaptured O’s attention all the more. It was magical seeing him so interested in something other than cars 🚗!!

By lunch time we stopped off at ‘the Hide’ cafe – well, to say we weren’t impressed was an understatement. We had to ask 3 times for menus, the food choice was limit to about 5 things and it took forever for them to even take our money!

By the time we had finished looking at the animals it was 4:30pm and looking like a very long journey home, especially when O still wanted to play in the Splash park. It was a spontaneous, last minute decision to stay in Bristol for the night. We booked ourselves into the closest premier inn and caught the bus.

Making came our second bad experience in Bristol, the miserable bus driver. We paid for two singles to Haymarket and asked him what stop we had to get off at (it wasn’t called Haymarket). He had a huff and a moan and said get off at Horsefair.

‘Great’ we thought, ‘when are we supposed to know when we get there.’ Luckily, the bus announced the stops so we kept a close listen for our stop. Finally it was called so we pressed the bell and went to get off, Richard made it off, but we didn’t! The bus driver shut the doors and went to leave so I rang that bell for all it was worth. He finally stopped and let me off too moaning because I ‘pressed the bell too late!’ He then recognised us and moaned loudly and miserably.

‘What you doing? This ain’t your stop! I said get off when I do!’

well, I flipped. ‘Sorry! How the bloody hell were we supposed to know that!’ Talk about one miserable idiot able to ruin your whole day!

We finally got off at the right stop and walked round to the premier inn. Later that evening we made our way down to the town for some dinner and ended up going to Zizzi’s Italian.

Cue Bristol annoyance number 3. We sat, waited, waited and waited. Finally someone took our order (bearing in kind it was about 8pm now and we had a miserable, hungry, over tired toddler with us). Four tables that came in after us got their drinks, we still hadn’t received ours. So, I stopped a passing waiter and said, he went off and finally sorted then out for us (they had been forgotten about!!) but still didn’t arrive until after our food. Oscar downed his juice in one so we asked the manager waiter for another cup – that never came and I didn’t bother reminding her! I just have O his juice bottle from his bag.

It was an awful evening to say the least. Naturally we went straight back to the hotel and straight to bed (we had brought some PJ’s from Primark across the road earlier on).

The next day was Richards birthday 🎉, we decided to spend the morning in Bristol and go to the aquarium, we also decided to walk, despite the bags and the aching feet. Thankfully, despite having no medication with me (I need to start taking a spare dose with me I think) I was seizure free.

The rest of the trip was a success and I even stopped at the Bristol Lou Lou vintage fair where I got a new Dinosaur dress and bargain family photo shoot for just £25.

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