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Lazy day? If only!

Just a quick post to let off a bit of steam. A bit of reassurance for all those other mamas having a bad day today too.

Today was one of those days where we thought, let’s have a lazy day. We were all tired from our trip to Pembrokeshire followed by Bristol, not to mention Richard was feeling great this morning and O has been a bit iffy since last weekend.

Well, obviously it wasn’t a relaxed lazy day. Firstly I have a hyper toddler, no matter how tired. He caused mischief and mayhem with his toys and his stupid ‘doo’ (dummy). My hatred for that doo is ten (gazillion) fold.
The man child was fine this morning, I mean he was ill 😷 which was annoying, but can’t be helped. My house is a tip – the front room has nearly every single toy spread across the floor and my washing pile is ever growing with this awful weather. (I missed the good, sunny days whilst away. Typical.) To top it off there is no food in my house and all I want to do is sleep 😴.

Naturally, being super tired, on meds (that give me mood swings), hormones on high alert 🚨 and stuck in a booby trapped house with two moaning boys all day has driven me to the brink of insanity. I even shouted at the misbehaving potato letters I cooked for my son for dinner!!

But, of course, it’s all my fault and I’m the bad guy.

I think I need some chocolate 🍫 and maybe some Tea ☕️

I hope you mama’s and daddy’s are having better days then us.


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