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Summer madness

The Summer holidays is a long time, especially for the stay at home parents. What’s worse, my university has been off since April!! And O finished Creche beginning of June 😫
Now, I love my boy, but living off of a university budget ALL summer doesn’t leave much money for activities. So we have had to come up with a list of free and cheap activities to do with our two year old throughout the summer.

I scoured Pinterest for ideas, and some were good and have been added. Others, not so much. I mean, why does it seem impossible to find an activity list or a toddler that doesn’t just involve soft play, parks or blowing bubbles. πŸ˜’ There are only so many days I can blow bubbles for! Β Th lists were either, sort and boring or better acquated for older children.

Obviously, some toddlers are further along than others, so you have to adapt things to their abilities, but, I thought to myself, surely it can’t be that hard to come up with some ideas.

It was harder than I thought, especially seen as daddy is still learning to drive so we are much more limited.

I decided the list had to have plenty of options for both nice weather and rainy days, seen as we do live the ever raining UK.

So, here we go –

1) Go for a walk and Collect stones to paint on – I used to live near the beach, unfortunately we seen so close anymore. However, we will visit family who are, de we decided next time we go down we could collect one rocks o bring back with us. Creating a day at the beach and a later date for jazzing up our rocks into animals.


2) Build a tent and have a picnic – why not, on a miserable day, build a blanket tent and have a picnic lunch, making an everyday activity more exciting and fun.

3) Baking – depending on their stage, you will either be helping them or they will be lending you a little hand with things such as the mixing and sprinkles for cupcakes.

4) Nature walk/hunt – Why not make a walk more interesting by giving your toddler a spotting guide, this can easily range from early years to more advance little ones. You can give them a spot book or just ask them to find something at certain times and what you ask them to find depends on how much they know too. So for O it would be, Tree, Flower, Duck, bird etc (dependent on the area and scenery).

5) Collect flowers and make a picture – on a nice day, go or a walk and hunt down a variety o flowers from daisies to blossoms. You can then brin them home and create a toddler masterpiece with them, either with paint and stamping or even with a bit of glue and making a collage. One of the best things to do in summer is crafts with your little one.

6) Play in the garden – self explanatory, spend the day in the garden. Definitely need a nice day for this one though (unless we go puddle jumping).

7) Make mud pies

8) Draw chalk art on the pavement

9) Painting – one of O’s favourite things to do currently, is to paint, whether it be on paper or a kit such as a money box, garden statue etc.

10) Go to the library

11) Film day

12) Museum trip

13) Castle outing

14) Games at home – this can range, depending on what you have and how old your child is. O likes to play bowling, cars, his post box game and playmobil farms with me and Daddy.

15) Learn about new animals

16) Counting games

17) Jigsaw challenges

18) Craft pictures – buy some cheap PVA, glitter, stickers, patterned paper etc and let them go crazy creating their own work of art.

19) Feed the ducks

20) Make lemonade (Just for home)

21) Finger paint

22) Bug hunt – This is a good one for O at the moment, as he is in the process of learning his bugs, he’s getting to know his bees, ladybirds and butterflies.

22) Flash cards

23) Cinema

24) Play kitchens

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