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Vintage car show

Today was the vintage car show in Pontypridd, unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get as many photos as I would have liked, for 3 reasons.

1) Gremlin woke up late this morning due to his recent late nights and early rising shenanigans, so by the time we were fed, showered and dressed (the human not the cat 🐱) it was nearing 10:30am


2) I ended up only having my phone for photos, as my camera battery decided to die just as we were leaving.

3) I have a two year old who dictates where we go and what we see and how long for.


Anyway, we missed the parade due to running late, but once we arrived at Pontypridd park (after we managed to drag the Gremlin away from duck spotting on the bridge 😒🦆), it was bustling with life.

Parked neatly on show in the sports courts were the various cars and vehicles, ranging from old police cars, busses and trains to everyday cars.

They were stunning. It was lovely to see so many vintage vehicles in such good, working condition still. We didn’t get that long looking at these as it was more museum style than take a seat for a photo (not particularly toddler friendly, even for my car mad little boy).

The cars weren’t all that was there though, there was also a free pottery making tent, free donkey rides (O won’t keep the riding hat on though so that was a no no!). Bouncy castles and fair ground rides were available to amuse the children, along with a falconry company 😍 And a couple of animal petting stalls. We stopped at one called ‘nearly wild’ where O had a cuddle with a fluffy, but lively Chinchilla and admired the lizards 🦎 from afar. The other one was more farm based with little pens with chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and sheep 🐑.

There were plenty of stalls selling vehicles, models and toys aswell where we got O a beautiful, vintage style steam train which he is very pleased with.

We topped off the day with a donation funded train ride around the park for our train mad little boy.

All in all, it was a beautiful family day out, and we definitely plan on going again, except next time we want to be there in time for the parade.

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