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Main course of University with a side order of Seizures.

This week has been my first back at University, officially. Although the lectures have still just been introducing the modules and pre warning us of assessment dates (😱).

Throughout most the summer I have been lucky enough to say, I’ve been seizure free, despite the morning sickness and growing pains etc, taking their place, it has been a release from the norm. However, with the start of University came the return of the Myoclonics.


When I first applied for Student finance last year, I was awarded the Disabled student Allowance, with this I was given some extra money (woohoo go me for having a useless brain), a laptop with printer and scanner (who even still scans things these days?). Useful equipment for any student so far and nothing special about them right?

However, on top of those I was also given the repayment for a blue screen for said laptop, seen as how blue lights are the ones that ‘interfere’ with my brain the most and cause issues, this is to filter out the blue lights on the screen and prevent a time limit to the device. I was also given quite a few different programmes installed on the laptop, one of which went along side the Dictaphone I was gifted. All useful and good tools, but, being the stubborn fool I am I didn’t really use any of them, therefore didn’t take advantage of the software lessons I was given either. More fool me!

First week back to uni this year and I’ve already come to the conclusion I will be using the darn dictaphone in my literature based modules.


Well,  firstly they speak so quickly and what the lecturers say is so much more important than the few words they give us on the accessible power points, I have trouble keeping up with what notes I need. Even on my laptop I struggle, by the time I’ve got the begging of the bullet point down I’ve missed the end or if I listen to the end, I forget what the beginning was. 😒

Secodly, because I’m zoning out during some lectures and missing massive chunks of important info. No, I don’t mean I’m getting bored and thinking of other things or day dreaming either! I mean I’m having absences or even Myoclonics, which render me temporarily, as in a fleeting second, unconscious, therefore I end up missing the middle or end of a point and find myself coming back to planet earth to a whole new point being discussed.


Now all I need to do is see if I can get more lessons on the software again or figure it out for myself. Except this time round I will be in proper student form and write notes.

With the amount of longer pieces of coursework I have this year too, I will also now be investing in that miracle of a blue screen.

I try so hard not to let my Epilepsy dictate my life but the past week it’s been a constant thorn in my side. Quite frankly, this is really not what I needed!
I mean, how am I suppose to get through 30 gibberish books like ‘Persuasion’ and ‘Jane Eyre’ this year if I forget the sentence I’ve literally just finished reading?

Im going to need to be a crazy, super organised student mama with Epilepsy. Never mind girl power, go purple power!

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