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Oscar, Bean and I

O’s understanding and speech has come on leaps and bounds over the summer and since I’ve become pregnant with Bean we’ve been trying to teach him a bit about it. Toddler friendly teachings of course, like – “Mama has a baby in her tummy” – “We are going to have another baby” – “You have to be gentle with baby and not jump on mama” you get the picture.


We found out about Bean at only 2 weeks and it has been a long, tiring, traumatic pregnancy so far. O was learning, from the moment we found out, how to be careful. 27 weeks in and his understanding and responses are amazing and, somewhat, amusing.

Let me start with The Baby. Around four weeks ago I was out shopping with the Gremlin, whilst daddy was at University, and I offered to buy him a new toy – on the condition it wasn’t ANOTHER car! After numerous attempts at trying to get a new vehicle of some sort, he finally found himself drawn to a bebee (as he calls it). ‘Aww, how cute’ I thought to myself as I smiled and agreed. Happy with his new purchase we went home, where he went on to care for his new bebee with her milk bottle and dummy. Looking on at him full of pride, I snapped a few photos of my caring, adorable boy with his baby to send to Daddy. Safe to say he was not impressed with the doll his son was playing with. (Don’t even get me started on the whole sexist views on toys for innocent minded children, no now anyway. I’ll do a post on this soon though, I promise.)

That was the first time his true understanding really shone through, in regard to Bean.

The second was his knowledge of where Bean was. He knew she was in Mamas tummy and his favourite game, since, has been doctors. My future doctor! O makes me lie down, lift up my top so bump is on view and he goes through a meticulous routine to check on us both. He starts with his stethoscope every time, he will gently place it on bump and beat it gently up and down whilst making loud heart beat sounds. He then goes on to check my ears (or eyes as he calls them still. He hasn’t quite figured that one out yet), before proceeding to use his little yellow scalpel to cut ‘bebee out’. Where he got the whole C Section idea from, I don’t know. All I can say is, I hope he isn’t foreshadowing her birth 🙈. He does a thorough job, even using the mirror stick to check my ‘bebee hole’ (AKA my bellybutton). We then have to swap places so we can check his bebee is nice and safe inside his tummy.

I love this little game with him and will let him play doctor for as long as he wants. However, I can not seem to get through to him that he cannot check on baby when ever he wants, for instance when we are out and he decides to try and lift up my dress in public. 🤦‍♀️

The final, and most recent development is quite an amusing, sneaky little trick.

O has decided he has his own baby (in his tummy) and when ever I eat, his baby is suddenly very hungry too and he lifts up his top and rubs his tummy to emphasise just how hungry.
‘Baby hung’ he will say with his big eyes and little pout. There is no getting away from feeding him half my food for his bebee. I mean we don’t want to starve her now, do we? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Its safe to say, little Bean is going to have a very doting, loving and probably very jealous, big brother. 😍

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