Creative writing · epilepsy · Living with Epilepsy · Seizure · The seizure queen



With a brain that does not work,

A head that pounds constantly. 

With a mind that cannot find the light

And hands that shake violently. 


With the electricity and the seizures,

With the helplessness and inability,

With the stress and lack of sleep,

With the depression and the anxiety. 


With it all, I sit, unable. 

Unable to work my dreams. 

Unable to care for those I love. 

Unable to care for me. 


But we are the ones who are overlooked. 

We are the ones who are ignored. 

We are the ones who have to fight. 

We are the ones the system forgets. 


With the tiredness and the aches

With the migraines and the shakes 

With the memory loss and the pain,

All caused by a damaged brain. 


Comes the depression and the sadness,

The fear and the loneliness, 

The anger and the humiliation,

The inability and frustration. 


By The seizure mama.

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