My name is Chloe Fleur. I am mama to a ginger, curly haired Gremlin and a big brown eyed Banshee. Iā€™m an English and creative writing student and an epilepsy sufferer.

I live with my spawn and my partner of 7 years. I am a massive geek, from Marvel to Harry Potter and I love to read (check out my book reviews), take photos, write and bake.

My kids are my life and I love to spend time with them, despite seizures. kind of like come rain or shine. O is a cheeky chatterbox and Flo is a mischievous bear.

I wont always be posting negative things, don’t worry, and I will be asking for some feedback on the pieces I’m currently writing so keep your eyes peeled.

my Blog is varied in its content, but it focuses around my life. I have posts that are more Mama based and others that are more epilepsy based. Just find your link in the menu and enjoy šŸ˜Š