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I’m tired of being tired

I’m tired of being tired Try not to let it bring you down. Try not to give up hope. Try not to let it affect your dreams. Try not to let it win. Make the most of what you have. Be thankful, it could be worse. But, you look so normal. You will get better.… Continue reading I’m tired of being tired

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Writers Journal

I am a lonely mama until Saturday. Leaving me with some spare time to get some University assignments out of the way and to have a go at tidying up my creative writing cupboard and my brain. Intertexts is finished, Toolkit is sent in and my reflective piece hasn't been written. The last one, I thought I'd share on here. Although not directly linked to being a mama with epilepsy, it is still part of me, my life and the way my head works. It is also a little reminder to everyone, that no mater what life throughs your way, always find the time to continue with what you love.