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When E gets in the way

I'm normally quite an optimistic person, I don't let my seizures have control of my life. Although I may go a bad day or two recovering, I get back to it the next day and move on. If I didn't, I would live a very secluded, depressing, meaningless life. Which there isn't much point in… Continue reading When E gets in the way

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Writers Journal

I am a lonely mama until Saturday. Leaving me with some spare time to get some University assignments out of the way and to have a go at tidying up my creative writing cupboard and my brain. Intertexts is finished, Toolkit is sent in and my reflective piece hasn't been written. The last one, I thought I'd share on here. Although not directly linked to being a mama with epilepsy, it is still part of me, my life and the way my head works. It is also a little reminder to everyone, that no mater what life throughs your way, always find the time to continue with what you love.

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Mama Vs Epilepsy – Staying safe

I am a young, first time mama and when I fell pregnant at the age of eighteen, I didn't know the first thing about looking after a baby, let alone with the added hindrance of my disability. It's not easy caring for a baby, or even a toddler, as well as yourself. When you have… Continue reading Mama Vs Epilepsy – Staying safe