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Leaf – Sandra Dieckmann

We recently got O a bundle of new books for bedtime, from Waterstones, and amongst them was one of the most beautiful and meaningful books I’ve ever seen.  Leaf, by Sandra Dieckmann (Author and Illustrator), is a simple story about a Polar Bear who washes up on the shore of the Wild Wood. All the… Continue reading Leaf – Sandra Dieckmann

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Dear future Mamas…

This is a recent experiment, one that was suggested to me as a writing prompt for university. It is the first of, what I'm hoping will be, a series of advice based letters to future mamas (and daddy's). Others will be more age or topic specific, including being a mama with Epilepsy. I hope you like it, and please give plenty of feedback :).

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Why does she hate me?

*** Debbie Downer Post. ***   I swear this Bean hates me. 😞 I'm constantly in so much pain and aching everywhere. I can't get comfy anywhere or any position. I've tried lying down flat, on either side, curled up. With and without my pregnancy pillow. On the sofa, on my bed, even on the… Continue reading Why does she hate me?

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Vintage car show

Today was the vintage car show in Pontypridd, unfortunately, I didn't manage to get as many photos as I would have liked, for 3 reasons. 1) Gremlin woke up late this morning due to his recent late nights and early rising shenanigans, so by the time we were fed, showered and dressed (the human not… Continue reading Vintage car show