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I’m tired of being tired

I’m tired of being tired Try not to let it bring you down. Try not to give up hope. Try not to let it affect your dreams. Try not to let it win. Make the most of what you have. Be thankful, it could be worse. But, you look so normal. You will get better.… Continue reading I’m tired of being tired

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Why does she hate me?

*** Debbie Downer Post. ***   I swear this Bean hates me. 😞 I'm constantly in so much pain and aching everywhere. I can't get comfy anywhere or any position. I've tried lying down flat, on either side, curled up. With and without my pregnancy pillow. On the sofa, on my bed, even on the… Continue reading Why does she hate me?

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Mama Vs Epilepsy – Pregnant

On the whole, my pregnancy was actually really good. I mean, don't get me wrong, the morning sickness was awful. I was sick throughout the duration of my pregnancy and even ginger biscuits did nothing for me. I say it's because of how many of them I ate, though, that Oscar’s hair is such a bright orange.